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The Pastors Alastair & Jill Gray


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Wheatsheaf Church
Aylestonians Rugby Clubhouse
Knighton Lane East
Leicester, Leicestershire

Wheatsheaf Christian Community Church
Serving Knighton Fields - Leicester

Ladies Tea Party

Posted on 27/10/2017

Worship & Witness on the Streets

Posted on 8/7/2017

We enjoyed taking part in this:

It was good to see the churches in the city working together.
Next event Saturday 11th November 2017.

Happy 10th Birthday

Posted on 27/10/2014

Leicester University Christian Union

Posted on 18/2/2014

Alastair Had a great time at the CU last thursday, ahead of their events week this week, (Monday 17th - Friday 21st). He was speaking on the subject of 'why share the gospel, ie 'next week'? Afterwards he was stopped and was able to talk with someone who couldn't wait till this week, he wanted to become a Christian right there and then! Wonderful.

Great blessings on the events week this week, more details from


Are you treasure?

Posted on 9/2/2014

What a wonderful weekend we've just had sharing the good news of Jesus with people in our community. 


The Gospels are full of God looking for us.... and just how much we're worth to Him...


Matthew 13:44-46

The Message (MSG)

44 “God’s kingdom is like a treasure hidden in a field for years and then accidentally found by a trespasser. The finder is ecstatic—what a find!—and proceeds to sell everything he owns to raise money and buy that field.

45-46 “Or, God’s kingdom is like a jewel merchant on the hunt for excellent pearls. Finding one that is flawless, he immediately sells everything and buys it.

We spent the first part of Saturday together asking God to show us where to go and just like hunting for treasure He gave us a map full of clues and then we went out hunting to find those clues…

We had some great conversations as we shared our treasure map with surprised people. We prayed, blessed and chatted. Some didn’t want to know, that’s was fine, we blessed them anyway! And for some we were able to pray for healing…God is good.

Want to know more? Ring us up, send a message or better still come and visit, Sundays 10.30am at the Aylestonians Rugby Clubhouse. Don’t forget on the first Sunday of each month we have a shared lunch after the service. You are treasure!